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  1. UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System): UVSS is a technology used for inspecting the undercarriage of vehicles for hidden threats such as explosives, weapons, or contraband. It typically consists of a series of cameras mounted on the ground that capture images of the vehicle’s underside as it passes over.

  2. DFMD (Door Frame Metal Detector): DFMD, also known as walkthrough metal detectors, are commonly used in security checkpoints to detect metallic objects on a person passing through them. They consist of vertical panels that emit electromagnetic fields to detect metal objects as individuals walk through the doorway.

  3. HHMD (Handheld Metal Detector): HHMDs are portable devices used by security personnel to scan individuals for metal objects. They are commonly used in conjunction with DFMDs at security checkpoints or in areas where covert scanning is required.

  4. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): RFID is a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track objects or individuals. RFID tags, which contain electronically stored information, can be attached to or embedded in various items and then read by RFID readers to track inventory, manage access control, or facilitate contactless payments.

  5. Long-Range Reader: Long-range readers are RFID readers capable of reading RFID tags from a greater distance compared to standard RFID readers. They are often used in applications where reading tags at longer distances is necessary, such as vehicle access control or tracking items in large warehouses.

  6. Full-Height Turnstiles: Full-height turnstiles are robust security barriers typically used in high-security areas or facilities to control access. They extend from floor to ceiling, preventing individuals from bypassing them by climbing over or crawling under. They are often used in prisons, military installations, or secure facilities.

  7. Tripod Turnstiles: Tripod turnstiles are waist-high rotating barriers used to control pedestrian access to buildings or secure areas. They typically consist of three rotating arms mounted on a central post. Tripod turnstiles are commonly found in subway stations, stadiums, or office buildings where controlled access for pedestrians is required.

  8. Flap Barriers: Flap barriers, also known as optical turnstiles or speed gates, are access control barriers that use retractable flaps to allow or restrict pedestrian passage. They provide a higher level of security than tripod turnstiles as they can prevent tailgating (multiple individuals passing through on one authorization). Flap barriers are commonly used in corporate offices, airports, and government buildings.

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