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Jadex BURST Series Spike Barrier

The tyre killer is a device designed to rip tires apart and even withstand the latest generation of run-flat tires. The spikes have been engineered to ensure that a vehicle will be disabled irrespective of the approach direction. The height and width of the spikes have been specifically designed to rip apart both small private vehicle tires and large commercial vehicle tires. Even run-flat tires which use either the solid wall or wheel band method, are similarly disabled by this system which is particularly ruthless in its ability to shred a tire and damage the wheel.
Suitable for all weather conditions, the spike system incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism and drainage.

Series of sharp metal spikes that puncture the tyres of any vehicle.

• Installation Type: Flat Type, Buried, Fixed
• Drive Unit (External/ Internal): Electro-Hydraulic/ Electro-Mechanical
• Height of Spike above Ground: 75 mm to 125 mm
• Thickness of Spike: 8 mm to 32 mm
• Spikes Material: Heavy Duty Hardened Steel
• Blocking Width: Can be customized
• Housing Material: Heavy Duty Structural Steel
• Axle Load Bearing capacity (of a moving vehicle): 65 Tons
• Angle of Spikes: 30° or 45° or 60° or 90°
• Distance between adjacent Spikes: 75 mm to 200 mm
• Input Voltage: ‘440VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase’ or ‘220 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, Single phase’
• Rising Time: 2 -3 seconds
• Lowering time: 1 -2 seconds
• Oil tank (For Hydraulic model only): 25 – 50 ltrs
• Oil level Sensor (For Hydraulic model only): Standard or Digital
• Protection Class: IP 67
• Surface Protection & Finish: Hot-Dip Galvanizing/ Zinc Coating/ Red Oxide layers/ Zinc Chromate Coating followed by multiple layers of Epoxy Paint/ or Powder Coating
• Colour Options: Spikes in Bright Red, Housing in Siemens Grey, Customized options available
• Blocking Provisions: Self-Lockable at any position to avoid any unauthorised person to forcefully operate the Spikes- Hydraulic/ Pneumatic/ Electromechanical Lock
• Thickness of Top Plate: 8 mm to 12 mm
• Operating Temperatures: -20°C to +70°C
• MCBF: 7,000,000
• Duty Cycle: up to 100%
• Control provisions: Suitable to be controlled with all Access control devices, like Biometrics, LRR/ ANPR, UHF, RFID, Card reader etc.
• Integration Provisions: Can be integrated with Traffic Light, Boom Barriers, Crash Pads, Spike barriers, UVSS, etc.


• Safety against Vehicles: Loop Detectors
• Safety against Humans/ Animals: Photo sensors
• Control Unit: PLC or Micro controller or Electric Relay based
• Visual & Sound: Option to add Reflective Strips on spikes or Housing along with buzzer for operational alert.
• Driver Alert: Traffic Light (Red/ Green)- Optional


• For Raising the Spikes: Manual Hand Pump
• For Lowering the Spikes: Mechanical Manual Release Lever
• Accumulator (Charged Extra): Accumulator for 04 Cycles Up/ Down operations in case of emergency

» Lights inside the Barrier pit.
» Integration with a wide range of access controllers viz. LRR/ RFID/ Biometrics/ LPR/ ANPR/ Conventional Boom Barrier.
» Remote/ Wifi Controllers.
» Traffic Light.
» Warning Indicators.
» Emergency Fast Operation of upto 1.5 seconds.

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