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Jadex Gate Automation

Jadex International has achieved a milestone in regard to Gate Automation with over 86.67 % of Customer Satisfaction Results.
Our motive of providing service fewer automation solutions to our customers has obliged us to use the best of the products in the best way and in the best competitive pricing.

The past data shows our collective effort in providing the best products to our customers.
Moreover, to resolve any issue, if any, we offer a 24X7 Helpline number as well as a high-priority visit of our Engineer at the site, if required.

» Powerful Drive Unit.
» 100% Duty Cycle.
» Various Speed options.
» Manual Operation in case of Power Failure.
» All weather Proof Enclosure Motor.
» Self Lockable in any position to avoid unauthorized persons to manually operate the Arm–> Electromechanical Lock.
» Push Button/ Remote operated.
» Photo Beam Sensors.
» Epoxy Painted.
» Nearly silent operation.
» Motors suitable for existing gates as well.
» Tempered rail track as well as wheels.
» Galvanized mechanism parts.
» Oil-less bearing, bushes & Rollers material.

» Mild steel/ Stainless Steel/ or aluminium gates.
» Integration with a wide range of access controllers viz. LRR/ RFID/ Biometrics/ LPR/ ANPR/ Conventional Boom Barrier.
» Remote/ Wifi Controllers.
» Traffic Light.
» Warning Indicators.
» Emergency Fast Operation of up to 1.5 seconds. (for crash Rated Gates)

Automatic Sliding Gates

Designed for convenient and secure access control.
Types include:
• Automatic Telescopic Sliding Gate
• Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate
• Conventional Automatic Sliding Gate
• Industrial Automatic Sliding Gate

Automatic Swing Gates

An automatic swing gate is a motorized gate system designed for automatic operation by swinging open or closed. Unlike sliding gates that move horizontally, swing gates pivot around a hinge, either single or double, located on one side or in the center.

Crash Rated Gates

Specialized security gates designed to withstand and mitigate the impact of a vehicle attempting to ram through.
Types Include:
• K4 Crash Rated Sliding Gate
• K8 Crash Rated Sliding Gate
• K12 Crash Rated Sliding Gate

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