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Jadex GO Series Boom Barrier

•When the requirement is a combination of maintenance free operation & aesthatic looks, GO Barrier Series from Jadex International are the ideal choice.
•Go Series Barriers are designed and constructed entirely by JADEX, in compliance with the latest safety parameters.
•These Barriers are cherished for their simple functionality, easy installation, and cost effectiveness.
•Specially designed for unique Indian environment, its Powerful Drive Unit performs flawlessly even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Thanks to their high energy efficiency, extremely long service lives, and simple maintenance, Barriers from JADEX International are, certainly, cost effective

» Powerful Electromechanical Drive Unit.
» Powder Coated Barrier Housing.
» Aluminum Telescopic Boom with Red Reflective Strip.
» 100% Duty Cycle.
» 0.9 to 6 Seconds Operation Time…(depends on Variant)
» 24 VDC/ 220 VAC Motor operation Variants.
» Manual Operation in case of Power Failure.
» Anti Collision (Swing Away Mechanism) protection for all Barriers.
» IP 54 Protection Rating.
» Self Lockable in any position to avoid unauthorized person to manually operate the Arm.
» Push Button Operated
» Loop Detector/ Photo Beam Sensors.

» Stop Sign Board on Boom.
» Solar Operation.
» Integration with a wide range of access controllers viz. LRR/ UHF/ RFID/ Biometrics/ LPR/ ANPR etc.
» Remote/ Wifi Controllers.
» Traffic Light.
» Warning Indicators.

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