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Jadex BL-COM Series Blocking Bollards

In the contemporary landscape, ensuring security plays a pivotal role in both business operations and governmental affairs. By incorporating security bollards, your organization demonstrates a profound commitment to safeguarding the well-being of the people it serves, aligning this dedication with the gravity of its core mission.

Secure Your Space, Stop with Grace: Unleash the Power of Blocking Bollards!

Anti-Ram/ Crash Rating: Designed to stop 7.2 ton loaded vehicle @ 48 kmph, known as K4 (M30-P1) as per IWA 14-1:2013
Drive Unit (External/ Internal): Hydraulic/ Pneumatic/ Electromechanical
Rising Height: 50 cm – 90 cm
Diameter of Bollard Tubes: 15 cm – 27 cm
Material: High Strength Steel
Cylinder Top Plates: Anti-Slip Plates/ sheet
Input Voltage: ‘440VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase’ or ‘220 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, Single phase’
Rising Time: 4-6 seconds
Lowering time: 3-6 seconds
Oil tank: 100 ltr to 250 ltr (Depends upon number of Bollards to be operated with Single Hydraulic Power Unit)
Oil level Sensor: Standard or Digital
Protection Class: IP 67
Surface Protection: Hot-Dip Galvanising/ Zinc Coating/ Red Oxide layers/ Zinc Chromate Coating
Finish: Multiple layers of Anti-UV Epoxy Powder Coating/ Anti-UV Epoxy Paint/ Stainless Steel Chrome Finish or Stainless-Steel Sleeve (Optional)
Blocking Provisions: Self-Lockable at any position to avoid any unauthorised person to forcefully operate the Bollard(s)- Hydraulic/ Pneumatic/ Electromechanical Lock
Impact Load: More than 40 KN
Operating Temperatures: -20°C to +70°C
MCBF: 70,00,000
Duty Cycle: upto 100%
Control provisions: Suitable to be controlled with all Access control devices, like Biometrics, LRR/ ANPR, UHF, RFID, Card reader etc.
Integration Provisions: Can be integrated with Traffic Light, Boom Barriers, Crash Pads, Spike barriers, UVSS, etc.

Safety against Vehicles: Loop Detectors
Safety against Humans/ Animals: Photo sensors
Control Unit: PLC or Micro controller or Electric Relay based
Visual & Sound: Embedded LED flashing lights on the top of Bollard head & buzzer for operational alert along with Red/ Yellow Radium reflective strips
Driver Alert: Traffic Light (Red/ Green)- Optional

For Raising the Bollards: Manual Hand Pump
For Lowering the Bollards: Mechanical Manual Release Lever

» Chrome Plated/ Stainless Steel Sleeve covering on Bollard Cylinder.
» Integration with a wide range of access controllers viz. LRR/ RFID/ Biometrics/ LPR/ ANPR/ Conventional Boom Barrier.
» Remote/ Wifi Controllers.
» Traffic Light.
» Warning Indicators.
» Emergency Fast Operation of upto 1.5 seconds.

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